Conferences and papers

Papers delivered – NATIONAL

  • Elize S van Eeden, Exploring the workability of space/place as a research paradigm towards the regional histories of South Africa North-West University, Vaal Triangle Campus, Vanderbijlpark) Regional History Studies Symposium 27 Nov 2015.
  • Elize S van Eeden Towards redefining History research methodologies in and out of the box: A debate for regional history, The Southern African Historical Society, The 25th Biennial Conference, University of Stellenbosch, 1-3 July 2015.
  • Elize S van Eeden, “Pioneering regional history studies in South Africa: Reflections within the former Section for Regional History at the HSRC”, Southern African Historical Society, 24th Biennial Conference, Gaborone Botswana, 27-29 June 2013, Gaborone.
  • Elize S van Eeden, “Methodology and research in regional/local Environmental History”, South African Historical Association, Grahamstown, July 2008.
  • Elize S van Eeden, “Aspects of cultural life in the West Rand, with focus on the influence of mining development on the cultural activities of communities – a historical perspective with Carletonville as major case study. (Regional Conference of the South African Culture-Historical Society, Springs, 7 March 1997).
  • Elize S van Eeden, “A Historiographical preamble to the regional economic history of South Africa” (South African Historical Society. Grahams Town, July 1995).
  • Elize S van Eeden, “Die aktiwiteite en invloed van die goudmynbedryf in Wes-Transvaal m.b.t. die mens in die samelewing” (Regional Conference of the South African Culture-Historical Society, in Potchefstroom 5 March 1993).

Papers delivered – INTERNATIONAL

  • J Hlongwana & Elize S van Eeden, “Neither here nor there: The landless Ndau who have turned “no man’s land” between Mozambique and Zimbabwe into a home”, International Symposium Border Regions in Sub-Saharan Africa Joensuu, Finland, 7 – 9 September 2016.
  • Elize S van Eeden, “Exploring Integrative Multidisciplinary (IMD) research in 21st century regional history: The case of the Bekkersdal community in the West Rand mining region of South Africa, 1945-2013”, Regional Studies Association Global Conference, Fábrica de Negócios, Fortaleza, Brazil, 27th- 30th April, 2014.
  • Elize S van Eeden, “Challenging traditional ways of thinking and doing local/regional history research in South Africa: Some global learning and sharing”, 11th Hawaii International Conference on Arts & Humanities, Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii, 10-14 January 2013.