Post graduate research and guidance in the field

My association with post graduate guidance in the field of education, or education history in the discipline of history, had always been encouraged by its relatedness with understanding a specific region or local space. The following studies apply:
Ms M Flora Mmolwantwa,  “The selection and integration of instructional media for the teaching of History” (PU vir CHO, M.Ed, 1997)
History as a subject taught at school lends itself to the application of instructional media in a variety of forms. Apart from the problem of the lack of an instructional media selection model designed specifically for history teaching, it was possible to propose suitable guidelines based on research findings for the selection of instructional media for history teaching. The development of a model was guided by empirical research in the northern region of the Free State Province. From the outcome lessons have been prepared according to the model that has been developed in this project.

Ms Molwantwa received the M.Ed degree in 1997 with a high assessment outcome.
Mr Knysna T Motumi,  “Black education in Mokwallo : A historical perspective of the period 1920-1980” (PU vir CHO, MA History, 1997)
Mokwallo is the name of both the black township and a Primary School near the town of Vredefort, which is situated in one of the northern districts of the present Free State Province. Very little is available on the local activities and the local educational development of black townships in the Free State, like Mokwallo. The historical origin, development and educational provision of education for the black people of Mokwallo township have not yet been written. Local and regional history, of which the history of Mokwallo township forms part, has become an important part of the historians’ field of study. The study of the history of the origin, development and provision of specifically primary education for the black people of Mokwallo is in general an attempt to close that gap. Furthermore, its relevance lies in the complete history of Mokwallo in order to gain a clear indication of the extent to which Mokwallo gained from and contributed to national history.

  • Mr Motumi received the MA degree in 1997 with a high assessment outcome.  He also published an article from this study in New Contree (many years before my editorship of the New Contree).
    MOTUMI, K.T. & VAN EEDEN, E.S. “Black Education in Mokwallo in the segregation and apartheids years”, New Contree, vol. 43, September 1998).

“Practicalising the significance of “history-is-around-us” in and out of the classroom” – Mr Mr Knysna T Motumi – PhD
Human activity in tangible and intangible ways, whether modern or ancient, are noticeable in all spaces of development or where humans have walked in life. Paurice Travers effectively articulate the presence of the past as; “History is all around us whether we notice it or not. It is the old building at the end of the street, the ruined castle, the old monastery. It is the songs we sing, the games we play, names of our streets” . Philip Etherington also adds that: “Histories representing the past represent the places of human action”.  He concludes, “all human action takes and makes place”.  In the same vein a doyen of past history philosophy, Edward H Carr, considers: “the past as a long procession of people and events, twisting and turning so that different ages might look at each other with greater or lesser clarity”.  If then so, the question that arises is if the significance of ‘history-is-around-us’ as construct, in and out of the classroom, are being embraced in the teaching and studying of  History in schools? To pursue this question the spatial focus of this study will be in the Free State Province and will emphasize the town Parys. The study will explore the extent of history teachers’ “ability and or willingness to provide space to previously neglected or marginalized narratives as a living (intangible) or visible (tangible) heritage”.  Therefore, this study is intended to explore the sense of historical consciousness among learners and educators related to the availability of the “history-is-all-around-us”-construct in the township schools of Parys.

Mr Motumi intends completing the PhD in History in 2017.