Conferences and papers

The following papers had been delivered at conferences to compliment research and debate in method and historiographies of space and place studies:

Papers delivered – NATIONAL

  • ESvEeden “Impact of uranium mining in the (Far) West Rand Region”, Symposium on Nuclearisation of Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa, 16th to 19th November 2015.
  • ESvEeden, M Liefferink,& F Durandt, Colloquium, “Several environmental issues regarding the Wonderfontein Catchment, Merafong”, 2 Aug. 2007 (Vaal Triangle Campus).
  • ESvEeden, “So long goldmines – long live industries: Carletonville’s battle for economic survival”, 6 Sept. 1996, Economic History Society of Southern Africa Congress, 5-6 September 1996, University of the Witwatersrand.
  • ESvEeden, “A Historiographical preamble to the regional economic history of South Africa” (South African Historical Society.  Grahams Town, July 1995).
  • ESvEeden, “Die aktiwiteite en invloed van die goudmynbedryf in Wes-Transvaal m.b.t. die mens in die samelewing” (Regional Conference of the South African Culture-Historical Society Potchefstroom, 5 March 1993).

Papers delivered – INTERNATIONAL

  • ESvEeden, M Liefferink & E Tempelhoff, “Environmental ethics and crime in the water affairs of the Wonderfontein Spruit Catchment, Gauteng South Africa” Conference, International Water History Association, Drakensberg, 20-24 April 2008.
  • EJ Stoch(Junior), ESvEeden & EJ Stoch), “The mismanagement of a sensitive ecosystem – The Wonderfontein catchment as an unique South African experience, 1936-2006”, International Conference on ecosystems: Changes and implications on livelihoods of rural communities in Africa. University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, 18-20 October 2006 Institute of Resource Assessment.
  • ESvEeden “Whose environment? Whose nature? – a trans-disciplinary discussion on some inhumane actions in the destruction and construction in nature – case study, the Merafong municipal region”, South Africa  International conference on human kind and the intersection of nature and culture (Transdisciplinary Conference, Kruger National Park, 4-6 September 2006).
  • ESvEeden F Winde & EJ Stoch, “Multi-perspectives and perceptions on water quality, and related health issues, as impacted on by the mining activities in the mining activities in the Carletonville catchment (Gauteng Province, South Africa), 1964-2004”, 5th International Water History Association Conference, Unesco, Paris, December 2005.
  • ESvEeden, “Die rol en invloed van die Hollandse Nedersetters in die Carletonville-gebied, 1928-1958”, 2e Bilaterale Kongres tussen Nederland en Suid-Afrika, Wassenaar,Den Haag, Nederland, 5-7 Julie 2000.
  • ESvEeden, AB de Villiers and EJ Stoch, “Mines, peoples and sinkholes – an analysis of the Carletonville Municipal Area in South Africa as case study regarding the National Politics of Secrecy”, 19th International Congress of Historical Sciences, Oslo Norway,  6-13 August 2000.