Book contributions

ES van Eeden & P Warnich (eds.), Teaching and Learning History and Geography in the South African classroom (Van Schaiks, Jan 2018). Book launch was on 13 September 2017.

  • Elize S van Eeden, Didactical Guidelines for Teaching History in a Changing South Africa (Keurkopie, Potchefstroom) ISBN 1-86822-301-95), November 1999, 450pp.
  • Chapter Contribution:
    • Elize S van Eeden, “Studying History in South Africa; Reflections of yesterday to face, map and bridging diversity today and tomorrow”, (44pages chapter contribution), in W Hasberg & E Erdman (Eds), History Teacher Education. Global Interrelations (Germany, Wochenschau-Geschichte, 2015). pp. 225-258. ( PDF )

History Teacher Education

Book contribution in progress of publication: Susanne Popp (Ed), Elize S van Eeden, “Assessing the colonial historiography of South Africa within the broader Africa, and its visibility in the Higher Education and Training environment “ , (New York, Berghahn books), 2016.