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21-22 September 2023 - International Society for Regional History (ISRH) VIRTUAL WEBINAR

International Society for Regional History
21-22 September 2023
10:00-14:00 (both days)

Regions from a Historical Perspective

A growing number of scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences have turned their attention to spaces as a means of understanding historical processes. History-oriented scholars are now exploring their ideas in terms such as “region”, “space” and “territory” and making these the focus of historiography. This means that there are now many different interpretations of regional history in the literature. However, despite these new trends, traditional regional histories still have lively traditions globally and they still require direction that is scholarly, robust and clear. This first ISRH Webinar on “Regions from a Historical Perspective” will awaken our perceptions and broaden our understanding of the variations in regional history. It will instil debate on some fresh conceptual, historiographic and methodological directions to meet the requirements of a 21st-century society that calls for an interdisciplinary understanding of how best to serve our communities in a world that demands sustainability.

ISRH Webinar Programme ( PDF ).

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