Published articles

Methodologies in doing regional history

  • Elize S. van Eeden & Sulevi Riukulehto : “Recognizing Traces of Colonialism and Coloniality in a South African Mining Region: Surfacing the Past in Regional, Ethnographic and Well-Being Research”, International Journal of Cultural History 12(2), 2023, pp 202-223 ( PDF )
  • Elize S. van Eeden & James Hlongwana : “Borderlessness and the 20th-Century Rise of the Ndau People’s Subaltern Economy in the Zimbabwe–Mozambique Borderland”, Journal of Southern African Studies, 2023  ( PDF )
  • Elize S van Eeden, “Valuing memory and legacy in and around the Parys (Fezile Dabi ) region : A broadened historical and community perspective”, South African Journal of Cultural History, 36(2), December 2022 ( PDF )
  • Elize S van Eeden,”Learning from past and current food security efforts and challenges in Zimbabwe: The years 1430–2020″, Jàmbá – Journal of Disaster Risk Studies, September 2022, 14(1) ( PDF )
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Historiographical contributions in doing regional history

  • Elize S van Eeden, “Land Reform in South Africa: Questions and politics with regard to land claims as officially proposed: A case study of the farm Deelkraal IQ142, North West Province”, South African Historical Journal, 57, May 2007, pp. 179-200. www/
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