Book contributions

Some book contributions as indicated in the Space and Place Studies section also have sections that apply to the economics of areas.  See as examples:

  • ESvEeden, PJJ Prinsloo, Voetspore van pioniers: Buisfontein – ‘n Historiese oorsig (ISBN 9780981418971) (Corals Publishers, Vanderbijlpark), March 2010. Pp.208.
  • ESvEeden, Carletonville, van pionierstreek tot goudspens (ISBN 0-620-1 8941-X), Knowledge Tec: Pta, 1994, 329pp.This publication on Carletonville is a monograph combination of the MA and PhD-studies undertaken by Van Eeden. The MA-study has been translated in English and is available electronically on .  So is the PhD-study on the economic history of Carletonville which is electronically available in Afrikaans on…/33938812
  • PF van der Schyff (Red.) & ESvEeden, Bothaville en sy mense (ISBN 0-620-18437-X), July 1993, 542pp.