Book contributions

  • Elize S van Eeden, Contribution in section I:“Theorizing the way forward regarding transdisciplinary research on environmental crises in small towns –Merafong in the Gauteng Province as case study:”, IN R Ronaldson & L Marais (Eds.), Small town geographies in Africa: Experiences from South Africa and elsewhere (ISBN 978-1-62100-001-3) (Nova Science Publishers, USA, July 2012). 457pp. ( PDF )
  • Elize S van Eeden, Impressions on conducting and reporting interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary environmental research in South Africa – a historian’s perspective (Inaugural lecture 07/2010, Platinum Press, NWU, Vaal Triangle Campus (ISBN: 978-1-86822-588-3), March 2010, 1-41. ( PDF )
  • Inaugural lecture – Interdisciplinary & Transdisciplinary environmental history research.pdf